Roof Restorations.

The majority of Australians are
unaware of the condition of their roof.

At Jim’s Roofing we can provide a modern roofing look using the latest roof seal coatings,that will extend your roof’s life;saving you the need for a roof replacement,while looking like a world class roof-restoration

Your roof is a large portion of your home’s exterior, it’s important that it protects you and your family. Due to an ever changing environment and the climatic extremes in Australia, your roof is continually subject to weathering.

Correct maintenance can reduce the need for later expensive repairs or replacement.

Jim’s Roof Restoration process is designed to bring your weathered roof back up to a quality condition before it’s too late.

At Jim’s Roofing we know the true value of your Roof Restoration will be in the quality of our workmanship and products. So, we use locally produced high quality products like Nutech Paints, Dulux Roof Paints, Ridgebond and Flexipoint..


High pressure clean

The high pressure cleaning process ( @ 3000 psi ) will remove all dirt and moss leaving a clean surface.

Debris in guttering from high pressure cleaning process are flushed away, with attention to outside of guttering, fascia, patios and surrounding areas.

Rebedding of all ridgecaps after removing all old mortar is then done

Repointing using a flexible pointing compound is then applied

Roof Repairs
Please see the roof repairs section too see the range of repair options available before re-sealing your tiles.

Blow/Sweep down
Before applying our sealants, the roof is blown or swept down of any dust or leafs

Primer Coat
The first coat of binding acrylic primer is applied using a airless spray gun, penetrating and sealing your cement tiles.

Re colour and seal
The primer coat is followed by another two top coats of colour sealants. Product choice can either be one of three Acrylic sealants or our exclusive Flexi-Shield sealant. All materials will weather-proof and beautify your home for years to come.

Roof coating sealants
Jim’s Roofing Services recommends and uses Nutech paints for all roof coatings, below is a brief description of Nutech paints company and the most commonly used products.

The Company – Nutech Paints

For nearly thirty years Nutech paint has been providing Roofing and Concrete solutions earning the Company a unique position in the protective coatings market. Using creative chemistry and state of the art manufacturing, the production facilities remain focused on the leading edge of coating technology to meet the ever changing challenges in our market and the demands of the environment. While Nutech exhibits the size, strength and expansion to maintain a strong presence in the market place, the progressive management team and experienced technical staff and sales force are committed to remain focused on the individual needs of their customers. The quality, extensive experience, technical expertise, service and flexibility combine to provide Nutech customers with the highest possible return for their investment……Longevity by Design.

Nutech manufactures a wide range of paint and protective coatings for decorative and protective purposes. The comprehensive and technically advanced range of roof coatings has been developed over more than 30 years as a result of substantial application experience, market research and manufacturing excellence. All Nutech products utilize advanced technology and polymer science.

Primers (undercoats) – Nu prime
Nu-Prime is a high quality compound adhesive which bonds difficult to penetrate powdery and oxidized surfaces. Used as an undercoat on powdery surfaces, Nu-Prime provides an excellent surface for top coatings.

Surfaces undercoated with Nu-Prime and top coated with either Tileflex, Nuflex or Flexi-shield perform exceptionally after curing ( drying ) under all weather conditions to provide a waterproof coating on the tile.

Nu-Prime has undergone rigorous testing and special consideration has been given to ensure the chemical composition and compatibility are suitable for Australian conditions. Nu-Prime is a stable non-yellowing coating which retains both flexibility and strength, whilst also providing superb protection against bacteria and mould on most surfaces.

GP Primer
GP Primer is a high quality primer undercoat designed for stable tile surfaces. Because of the high resin solids, good dry film build is possible on very porous aggregate exposed tile surfaces. Rough tile surfaces primed with GP Primer develop excellent gloss and colour appearance.

GP Primer is recommended as an undercoat for cement tiles, painted surfaces, and new roof tiles. GP Primer is a high solids adhesion undercoat recommended for TileFlex,, NuFlex and Flexi-shield.

GP Primer is a low sheen waterbased coating with excellent durability and adhesion performance. Surfaces primed with GP Primer and top coated with Nutech 100% acrylic system perform exceptionally providing years of maintenance free service.

GP Primer is a non-toxic, non-flammable and faster drying making application safer and easier. On smooth surfaces coverage is also greatly increased improving economy.

GP Primer has been developed following years of research and development to formulate an undercoat which will adhere to a wide range of roofing surfaces and enhance the appearance of top coat systems. GP Primer has been developed for Australian environmental conditions.

GP Primer provides excellent protection against biological growth including moss, lichen, mould and fungus.


Metal anti corrosion primer
Nutech A/C Anti-Corrosive metal primer is a waterbased co-polymer acrylic coating designed as a primer for new and weathered galvanised and metal sheet roofing. Nutech A/C metal primer is supplied in a standard mid-grey colour suitable for over coating with one of four roof coating sealants.

The coating is suitable for all metal roofing and can be used as a primer over Colorbond and other coated metal sheet roofing products.

Surfaces primed with Nutech anti-corrosive metal primer perform exceptionally under conditions of hot, cold and wet weather and adds excellent resistance from corrosion and rust.

Colour sealants  – Nuflex
NuFlex is larger particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic emulsion coating for roof tiles. Its technically advanced formula and 100% acrylic resin guarantee extended durability and performance under the most adverse weather conditions. NuFlex is available in over 36 standard semi gloss colours and can be custom tinted. The coating is non-yellowing and will provide a waterproof, non-fading, protective coating for guarantee period.